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Homeopathic Remedies for Coughs in Children


Ipecac – rattling cough; coughing until vomiting; coughing until turning blue


Drosera – paroxysm of cough; severe cough; hard to catch breath; coughing until turning blue; cough with bleeding nose; coughing until vomiting; cough is painful and child holds chest


Spongia – dry, hard cough; croupy cough; barking cough; tickling throat that causes cough; cough worse late at night; cough better warm drinks or food


Ant tart – rattling cough; wet cough but no mucus comes up; weakness and debility from cough; difficulty breathing


Aconite – hard cough; sudden cough; child is frightened and restless; shortness of breath with fear and restlessness


Chamomile – dry cough, worse 9pm to midnight; croupy cough; one cheek pale and one rosy; child is irritable, capricious, difficult to console; wants to be carried


Kali Bic – productive cough with thick, stringy, green  mucus; asthma; bronchitis; cough worse on waking; worse eating


Kali Carb – spasmodic cough; worse 2-4am; thick purulent sputum; cough with sharp stitching pain; loss of appetite; can’t sleep; tends to be chilly and affected by drafts


Kali Sulph – rattling cough without weakness; wheezing and rattling during sleep; loose cough with thick yellow discharge; worse warm air, warm wraps; nasal obstruction with yellow discharge; soft and timid like pulsatilla, but more irritable


Pulsatilla – asthmatic cough; shortness of breath; worse lying down; bronchial coughs that are worse lying down; cough at night that prevents sleep; worse suppressed eruptions and emotions; worse warm room


Phosphorous – every cold goes to the chest; lingering or tickling cough; worse exertion, laughing, talking; pneumonia with a painful, burning cough


Nux vomica – cough, worse when warm, or warm in bed; hard, dry cough; paroxysms of cough; loose cough after eating



Castor oil pack over chest

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