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Boosting Back to School Brain Power

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

After the lazy days of summer, it can be hard to get your mind (or your kids’ minds) back on track for school. Late nights, more junk food, partying for the university crowd all conspire to make you feel tired, foggy minded and unfocused at the beginning of the school year. Avoid starting the year with your brain working against you. Follow the easy tips outlined below to boost your brain power just in time for the start of the school year. With this brain boosting program, you will get your school work done more quickly, have an easier time learning new material and be more focused while studying. The result will be better grades and a more enjoyable school year.

Sleep. Start by figuring out your schedule for the fall term. At least 1 week before school starts, begin going to bed earlier and getting up in time to get to school. Be sure to give yourself enough time to do everything you need to do in the morning without rushing. Start your day relaxed, rather than stressed because you are running late.

Food and Drink. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast which includes some fruits or veggies; a good source of protein; and some healthy fats. Eggs on a plate of greens, rice and beans, yogurt or protein powder and fruit smoothies or oatmeal with nuts and seeds are all great ways to start the day. Sugary cereals may give you a boost for a short while, but, within a couple hours your sugar will crash, and along with it your energy and brain power. A hearty breakfast will keep you going in smart mode for many hours.

It is equally important that lunches and dinners include protein, healthy fat and lots of veggies. Avoid sweets, processed foods, bubbly drinks and salty snacks which can clog up your brain power. Ideal study snacks are nuts and seeds, protein rich smoothies and veggie sticks with hummus.

Exercise. Every healthy brain needs to be attached to a body that exercises regularly. Children, teens and young adults ideally get at least 1 hour of vigorous exercise every day. For older students, a run, swim or yoga class in the morning are great options. For school children, outdoor play time at recess, lunch AND after school are all essential. A well exercised body will sleep better, have a better appetite (and ideally eat well) and think more clearly.

Adequate sleep, a healthy diet and lots of exercise will help give you a brain power boost just in time for back to school.

If you would like more help with back to school brain power, or any other health problem, please call the clinic to make an appointment. 604-740-8838


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