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What's Up in the Garden - Hydrangea

The hydrangea in the garden has been quite beautiful this fall. Several of the flowers are still on the plant and the leaves turned a remarkable purple colour in the cooler weather. Most people know hydrangea as an ornamental plant, but it is also useful as a medicinal plant. 

Hydrangea is helpful for problems of the urinary system. It can be used in a formula for dissolving kidney stones, and to help prevent stone formation.  It is soothing to the mucosa of the bladder, ureters and urethra, so, helps ease irritation in these areas.  It is particularly helpful when people have gravel or small stones in the kidneys to help with the pain and irritation that occurs when these are passed. Hydrangea is also used when there is irritation or pain in the bladder or kidney and the urine is alkaline.    

So many of the plants we see every day have wonderful, untapped medicinal properties. Learning about the ways that these plants can be used for medicine is one of the joys I find in gardening.


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